HC-500 CNC Series

Pipe Bending Machine

CNC Pipe Bender

HC-500 CNC Series

HC-500 CNC Series
Control axes : 3~6 axis or multi – axis
Bending stack : 1~3 stack or mulit – stacks
Max. Tube O.D.; Ø50.8(O.D.) x 2.5 (W.T.)mm
Max. Bending Radius : 200mm


 Max. Tube O.D. & W.T. (O.D. xt)   Mild Steel   Ø50.8 x 2.5t
 Stainless Steel  Ø45 x 2.0t
 Rectangle Pipe  40 x 2.5t
 Max. Draw Bending Radius (mm)  200
 Max. Bending Angle  200°
 Max. Effective Mandrel Length (mm)  2500 
 Bending  Accuracy  ±0.05
   Speed / Sec.  110°
 Feeding  Accuracy  ±0.05
   Speed / Sec.  1000
 Rotation  Accuracy  ±0.05
   Speed / Sec.  200°
 Max. Bending Radius Difference (R) R R1-R2  60
 Dimension of Machine (LxWxH)  5100x1600x1300
 Weight of Machine (Kgs)  4500kg