Bansaw machine

Double Column Automatic



1.Precise cut off length setting.
2.Auto head elevation and quick approach control.
3.Unique split machine vice allows cutting to within as little as 50 mm of end automatically.
4.Cutting piece counter with auto-shut-off.
5.Multiple stroke counter for long pieces. (standard 9 times)
6.Power-driven blade cleaning brush and coolant cleaning flush hose.
7.Carbide and roller blade guides.
8.Hydraulic shuttle vice back-jaw feed method.
9. Hydraulic blade tension control.
10.Work-area light.
11.Automatic chip conveyor.
12.Two-way open rear vice jaws to ensure precise bar-feed repeatability even in cutting a little bit warped / surface rough works.


  Cutting Capacity                                                         mm                       600  700W x600H
  in                      23.6  27.5W x 23.6H
  Motor Output   HP                 Blade 10 , Hyd. 3 , Coolant 1/4

            Blade7.5 , Hyd. 2.2 , Coolant 0.19

  Blade Size   mm                      54W x 1.6t x 6800L
  in                    2.13W x 0.063t x 267.72L
  Blade Speed         M/min                  Variable Speed 15-65 (Opt.)
  F/min                 Variable Speed 49-210 (Opt.)
  Shipping Volume  (L x W x H)   mm                       3670 x 2280 x 2140
  ft                         12.04 x 7.48 x 7.02
  N.W./ G.W.   kg                               6100 / 6900
  lb                           13420 / 15180