Bansaw machine

Double Column Automatic



1.Precise cut off length setting.
2.Auto head elevation and quick approach control.
3.Nesting fixture device for bundle cutting.
4.Cutting piece counter with auto-shut-off.
5.Multiple stroke counter for long pieces. (standard 9 times)
6.Power-driven blade cleaning brush and coolant cleaning flush hose.
7.Carbide and roller blade guides.
8.Hydraulic shuttle vice back-jaw feed method.
9.Hydraulic blade tension control.
10.Work-area light.
11.Automatic chip conveyor.
12.Two-way open rear vice jaws to ensure precise bar-feed repeatability even in cutting a little bit warped / surface rough works.
13.Unique split machine vice allows cutting to within as little as 50 mm of end automatically.


  Cutting Capacity                                          mm                             460  480W x 460H
  in                          18  18.9W x 18H
  Bundle Cutting (Opt.)   mm                               368W x 210H
  in                               14.4W x 8.2H
  Motor Output   HP                 Blade 7.5 , Hyd. 2 , Coolant 1/8

               Blade 5.6 , Hyd. 1.5 , Coolant 0.1

  Blade Size   mm                           41 W x 1.3t x 5300L
  in                       1.61W x0.051tx208.66L
  Blade Speed         M/min                            25,32,42,55,70,80
                    Variable Speed 20-80 (Opt.)
  F/min                      82,105,138,180,230,260 
                   Variable Speed 65-260 (Opt.)
  Shipping Volume  (L x W x H)   mm                           2700 x 2270 x 2050
  ft                           8.86 x 7.45 x 6.72
  N.W./ G.W.   kg                                  3350 / 3600
  lb                                 7380 / 7930